son escasos y no existen instrumentos específicos en español para su evaluación. En este artículo se . genéricos SF y el WHOQOL-BREF. Estos tipos de. The WHOQOL has been developed from an extensive pilot test of some These questions represent the finalized version of the WHOQOL to be. This manual was drafted by Alison Harper on behalf of the WHOQOL group. The. WHOQOL group comprises a coordinating group, collaborating investigators in.

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Longitudinal study of quality of life following stroke.

The WHO quality of life (WHOQOL) questionnaire: Spanish development and validation studies.

The second factor was defined by cognitive skills thinking, learning, memory and concentrationself-esteem, positive and negative feelings, and information sources. It is assumed that the response to each item is a discretization of a latent continuous variable and that the log-odds do not depend on the category of the outcome.

Due to the diverse countries of origin of our whoqlo-bref and the scarcity of studies related to DIF in the Spanish version of WHOQOL-BREF, the main purpose of the present article is to analyze the DIF in a sample of individuals from nine Iberoamerican countries, where we expect to find different response patterns in the items of the questionnaire.

Several studies have documented the considerable impact that a disease has on a caregiver’s QOL 32 Therefore it may be possible to use it to assess variations in QOL across different cultures, to compare subgroups within the same culture, and to measure change across time in response to change in life circumstances.

Validation of the United States’ version of the Whhoqol-bref Health Organization quality of life instrument. Quality of life and health of opioid-dependent persons in Lithuania.

Erhan Eser Celal Bayar Univ.

We ask that you think about your life in the last two weeks. Graeme Hawthorne Australian Centre for Posttraumatic graemeh unimelb. Whoqol-brfe exploratory structural equation model study. Creating and evaluating cross- cultural instruments. British Journal of Psychiatry ; Data espzol be computer inputted for easy scoring in research projects or can be scored by hand according to the scoring procedure described above.

In addition to these, participants from Paraguay scored lower in items regarding satisfaction with one’s capacity for work, as well as with oneself, one’s personal relationships, living cestionario, access to health services and transportation. It is implicit in this definition that quality of life is a subjective assessment about the relevant aspects in people’s lives, also included in a social and cultural context.


Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 39, Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer.

A related issue is the estimation of the impact of physical and psychological interventi- ons in a range of physical and psychiatric conditions related to old age. British Journal of Psychology, Hugh Toner HughToner fife-pct. For example, thinking about the last two weeks, a question might ask: A simulation study provided sample size guidance for differential item functioning DIF studies using short scales.

Additionally, we found that some facets in the environment domain including safety, home environment, health and social care, opportunities to acquire new information, and physical environment did not change significantly during the study. In order to test the effect of nationality on item responses, a proportional odds logistic regression model was conducted for each item of WHOQOL-BREF, reaching proportions of correct classification between 0.

The more severe the impact of a disease on functioning, the poorer the QOL, i. Each of the facets has 4 items, thus for all facets the score of possible values can range from 4 to 20, provided all items of a facet have been completed see Table 5. To work with them, individual data have to be inputted into the computer and identified by variable names and labels, which are also suggested for the enclosed program.

However, the quantitative analyses suggested that the supplementary items were best included as part of the add-on module rather than being used to supplement or amend the scoring of an existing facet; the clearest demonstration of this point was for the Sexual Activity facet, in which the supplementary items were still problematic and added little to the existing facet.

The Publications Service of the University of Murcia the publisher retains the property rights copyright of published works, and encourages and enables the reuse of the same under the license specified in paragraph 2. It is a short version of the original questionnaire, intended for limited-time situations.

Dr Miyako Tazaki Department of Science ext. The change in quality of life was consistent with patients’ medical condition: Quality of Life Re- search, 14, Most of the participants with head and neck cancer were male Not at all A little A moderate Very much An extreme amount amount 21 To what extent do you feel a sense of 1 2 3 4 5 F A confirmatory factor analysis was completed to test the theoretically proposed structure and then an optimized-parallel analysis was done to establish the most adequate number of components.

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Among patients with cancer, impairments were mainly found in the psychological domain, such as cuestlonario body image facet and negative feelings. Regarding Argentinian participants, they underscored in a whoqol-brf pattern to the Paraguayan respondents, with the exception that Argentinian participants did not score lower in their physical acceptance.

Reliability Because the inter-rater reliability and test-retest reliability have already been shown for this questionnaire 2910we used only internal consistency as an index of reliability.

The WHO quality of life (WHOQOL) questionnaire: Spanish development and validation studies.

Formulation woqol-bref Rasch differential item functioning model under the marginal maximum likelihood estimation context and its comparison with Mantel—Haenszel procedure in shot test and small sample conditions. Health Psychology, 18, No studies have been found to explore the psychometric properties in Spanish clinical samples.

Wboqol-bref, misuse and abuse of questionnaires on quality of life. Current quality of life and its determinants among opiate-dependent individuals five years after starting methadone treatment. Recently, some investigation groups performed DIF analyses in different psychological tests and questionnaires.

Several studies addressed DIF in cross-cultural investigations. No part of this document may be stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means – electronic, me- chanical or other – cuestionarrio the prior written permission of WHO. Twelve-month follow-up assessments were obtained for of Family Practice, 29pp.

In addition to these items, they scored higher when asked to rate their ability to concentrate and get around, the healthfulness of their environment, the acceptance of their physical appearance, and the availability of information, as well as their satisfaction with sleep and support from friends. Spirituality also was part of this factor. After conducting focus groups and forming an international item pool, only those items were selected that pertain to older people, while age generic items were processed separately.