DM-TXC-2G-WALL. Wall Plate DigitalMedia 8G+™ Transmitter crestron .com | > DigitalMedia 8G+™ transmitter and multimedia interface. Provides a remote wall plate input connection for HDMI and RGB sources as part of a complete DigitalMedia System. Connects to the DM 8G+ input of a DM. Crestron DM-TXC-2G-FLOOR/. DM-TXC-2G-WALL. DigitalMedia 8G+ ™ Transmitter Operations & Installation Guide.

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Mounts in double-gang electric box. Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc. Winner Wave TW Limited.

Chainzone Technology Foshan CO. Dove Net The Project System.

Crestron Dm-txc-2g-b-t Wall Plate DigitalMedia 8g Transmitter | eBay

Universal Remote Control, Inc. Museum Technology Source, Inc. RJ45 jack is recessed to accommodate long male cable connectors.

Amina Technology NA Ltd. The inputs can be configured to switch automatically or be selected through a Crestron control system. Posh Speaker Systems, U2 Inc. Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd.


DigitalMedia allows virtually any mix of HDMI and other AV sources to be distributed throughout a home, office, school, or virtually any other facility. Belar Electronics Laboratory, Inc. Audience Response Systems, Inc. PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt.

Klotz Audio Interface Systems A. crwstron

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. As part of a larger system using a DM-MD series switcher, multiple DM-TXC-2Gs may be installed to enable the distribution of several sources at different locations to feed multiple displays throughout any room or larger facility. SmartMetals Mounting Solutions B. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Guangzhou Osoto Electronic Equipment Co. Engineered for ultra high-bandwidth and ultimate scalability, DM 8G provides a true one-wire lossless transport for moving high-definition video, audio, Ethernet, and control signals over a choice of twisted pair or fiber optic cable.

Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Apex Tool Group – Xcelite. All wire and cables are sold separately. Mounts in a double-gang electrical box. Lightking Optoelectronics Tech Group. Digital Video Enterprises, Inc.


Crestron Dm-tx-200-c-2g-b-t Wall Plate DigitalMedia 8g Transmitter

dm-td-200-c-2g-wall Shenzhen Top Technology, Co. Cameras – Special Application. PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc. Labor Saving Devices, Inc. Additional, once you subscribe to the DM Insider, [click the “notify me” icon] you will automatically receive an email when any of the resources listed below are updated, so, if a change is made, if a new document gets posted you will know right away. However, input sync detection is not provided for composite or S-Video signal types through this connection.

Indu-Electric North America, Inc.

Hyundai IT America, Corp. The PC input can actually accept component, composite, and S-Video signals through an appropriate adapter not includedor via direct interface to Crestron MPS Series products.