MATHEMATICS IN CHAMAKAM. Mathematics is a part of our daily life in several ways. Hence, it is no wonder that it has come to occupy an important place in. SRI RUDRAM with meaning Srirudram, also known as Rudraprasna, is a hymn devoted to lord Shiva. Sri Rudram comprises of two parts. The first part known as . Sri Rudram With Meaning – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Sri Rudram (Namakam and Chamkam) with meaning.

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May they be approved by the Pitrs manes or ancestors. Namo syadbhyo vidhyad bhyascha vo namo Salutations to you who loosen the arrows and pierce the persons you aim at; to you salutations.

The Rudram Chamakam – An original explanation | Sulekha Creative

Nama stiryouraya cha kulyaya cha Salutations to Him who is ever present in holy places and on the banks of the rivers. Summary of the 2 nd portion of 10 th Anuvaka Evolution of Universe is referred to as a sacrifice of Purusha in Purusha Suktam.

Namah kupyaya chavatyaya cha Salutations to Him who is in the wells and in the pits. Manu was the sacrificer.

So Sri Rudram is both recognition and praise for the vital place Rudra holds in creation. Namo nilagrivaya cha shiti kanthaya cha Salutations to Him whose throat is black chamakxm whose throat is also white. This anuvaka says that this force makes it agreeable, pleasing, dear to others etc between the constituents of matter.

It is a lepton, which I map as Muons. Ya te hetirmidhu stama haste babhuva te dhanuh Taya sman visvatastva mayakshmaya Paribbhuja You, Oh showerer of blessings, with your weapons and the bow in Your hand, completely protect us.

Then he makes offerings to Agni, chsmakam god of fire and incidentally one of the 11 forms of Rudra who will consume and deliver the offerings of ghee, flowers, fruit, purification herbs, sandalwood, incense, fruits, and nuts.


Calves in the womb chamaam my cows, the newborn calves, a year and half old bull calves, a year and half old female calves.

The Rudram Chamakam

Namah katyaya cha nipyaya cha Salutations to Him who is in the narrow flow of waters and in their descent from higher to lower levels. And in turn it is Rudra who will come and steal our ignorance from us, restoring us to our natural status of enlightenment. Three and four curiously enough seeks for internal and external anger.

Very special numbers 2. Let Lord Brihaspati and Indra shower grace on me. You annesu vividhyanti patresu pibato janan Those Rudras who stand in the food and in the liquids, and pierce the persons who eat the food and drink the liquids, we shall cause the strings of their bows to be loosened, and the bows themselves to be deposited thousands of yojanas far away from us. May the seasons be favorable for my sacrificial rites.

Oh ye Gods Agni and Vishnu May both of you bear goodwill to me. Come into the larger baryonic ions Mahendra that form in this fire. Articles containing Sanskrit-language text Instances of Lang-sa using second unnamed parameter.

The readers are cautioned that the transliteration has been given only to identify the anuvaakas and sukthaas and not for chanting. Let Mind get strengthened through evolution. Chamakam Namakam caiva purusa suktam tathaiva ca Nityam trayam prayunjano Brahmaloke mahiyate He who ever recites Namakam and Chamakam along with Purusa suktam daily will be honoured in Brahmaloka.

Shyamkumar Tuesday, February 26, In Sanskrit “rishi” means enlightened seer and this hymn is simply a record of what he saw.

Let Chamakxm Varuna and Indra shower grace on me. You are protector of the multiplication of Apa building up of long base pairs. TvaSta TvaSta is also an asura. Namah sharvaya cha pashupataye cha Salutations to the destroyer and to the protector of all beings in bondage.

Tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam urvarurkamiva bhamdhanam mrityor mukshiya mamritate. Be auspicious and beneficent, and bear goodwill to us.

Making offerings into the sacred fire, we shall serve and calm you by our Namaskars salutations.


English translation of chamakam

With my ten fingers joined, I bow to them with my body facing the east, the south, the west, the north, and upwards, I bow to them with my mind.

The role of Mesons is not well understood currently, given the hailing mesons receive from Vedas. Mesons are those particles that are hidden composed of one quark and one anti-quark. Let me think sweet thoughts; let me perform sweet actions which bear sweet fruits; let me bear sweet offerings; let my speech and praise be sweet; let me utter words which sound sweet unto the Gods; let me utter sweet words unto men who would lend their ears.

It consists of 56 materials. This complete evolutionary process is explained as a sacrifice in Anuvaka Eight.

Similarly number thirty-three indicates meaningg thousand bases of mtDNA in humans. Nama stikshneshave chayudhine cha Salutations to Him having keen shafts and all weapons. CHAMAKAM FIFTH ANUVAKA Ashmaa cha me mrittikaa cha me girayashcha me parvataashcha me sikataashcha me vanaspatayashcha me hiranyam cha me ayashcha me siisam cha me trapushcha me shyaamam cha me loham cha me agnishcha ma aapashcha me viirudhashcha ma oshhadhayashcha chaamkam krishhtapachyam cha me akrishhtapachyam cha me graamyaashcha me pashava aaranyaashcha yagyena kalpantaam vittam cha me vittishcha me bhuutam cha me bhuutishcha me vasu cha me vasatishcha me karma cha me shaktishcha me arthashcha ma emashcha ma itishcha me gatishcha me Let Lord grant me stone, earth spectrum of mountain ranges, basins of river waters, hillocks, sands, Medicinal herbs, tall and fruit bearing trees, gold, silver, lead, tin, steel, bronze and copper.

Namah shobhyaya cha, prati saryaya cha Salutations to Him who is born in the mixed meanjng of good and bad and in things that move.