Since the AlOx PERC technology is based on the proven centrotherm PECVD system platform which has been installed worldwide more than times, it can . What demand are you seeing for centrotherm’s PERC tech- nology centaurus . AlOx/SiNx stack deposited in the centrotherm tube PECVD system. This type of. Blaubeuren, 13 September centrotherm photovoltaics AG announces its turnkey production lines and key equipment such as PECVD systems, diffusion.

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PECVD Boat Maintenance Upgrade

There was risk that when spending returned, there would be pressure on Chinese manufacturers to effectively keep the money inside China and use domestic tool suppliers that entered the PV industry back in It also highlights that new capacity from new entrants is still being based upon copying existing c-Si mono and multi process flows, and not moving to more exotic cell concepts.

Centrotherm also received orders for its annealing systems for a MW monocrystalline solar cell production line. Keep me signed in. Finlay Colville, vice president of NPD Solarbuzz told PV Tech that the expansion plans from Shaanxi Youser went back several years, with key equipment suppliers having waited for some time to get the first orders. Renewable Energy India Expo. However, according to Colville the move by Shaanxi Youser to expand capacity has other implications. The market analyst also referred centrotjerm the increasing trade war impact on Chinese manufacturers and the response by the Chinese Government to rapidly develop its domestic downstream PV market to support the centrottherm domestic PV supply chain.

Moreover, yield declines and the risk of damages to the boats as a result of improper handling are also minimized.

Consequently, preparing the boats for re-etching consists only of the partial loosening of a few connecting pins, while the overall structure of the boat remains unchanged. Sign In Sign Up.


AlOx PERC Technology

The central innovations include modified ceramic and graphite spacers with included purge channels. As a rule, the cleaning and re-etching of the process boats is costly and time consuming since they have to be disassembled and reassembled. Advantages Time savings for regular maintenance work Reduced risk of damaging components Cuts cntrotherm the number of boats per system thanks to the reduced cleaning times Boat drying can be performed at higher temperatures Minimized penetration of etching residues into reactor chamber Yield losses resulting from inaccurate boat installations are prevented.

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The new patented centrotherm process boats dispense with the need for dismantling and thereby allows our customers to save a good deal of time and added staff. The tube systems ensure the creation of an extremely efficient and homogeneous anti-reflective coating using a direct plasma deposition process, which is limited in scope and comprises only the wafers and graphite boats, whereas process tubes are only marginally affected by parasitic deposition.

Centrotherm unveils new PECVD process for PERC solar cells

Thanks to its excellent process flexibility, the tube system is not only a perfect solution for nitride coating processes, but also for the realization of highly efficient solar cell concepts, such as PERC or PID free solar cells. As a result, PERC technology emerged as the next generation of industrial silicon solar cells.

In practice, this is basically decoupling many from the threat of any overseas trade restrictions and provides a safety net for the banks offering loans to the manufacturing segment.

Availability Upgrade solution ready centrothwrm shipment with short delivery times. One of the noteworthy benefits of the tube system is its flexibility, which accommodates varying production capacity utilization loads and ensures that the system will operate continuously while maintenance work is being performed or individual pdcvd tubes are shut down.

Excellent passivation characteristics Integrated surface conditioning good adhesion, no blistering Variable process sequences for multiple and graded layers High availability thanks to redundancy and short cycle times Up to 5 independently operated quartz tube reactor chambers Fully automated boat transport Water cooling system prevents thermal interference between different tubes The modular design facilitates installation and start-up as well as the integration into existing production lines.


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Tool Order: Shaanxi Youser places major order with centrotherm

Furthermore, these stacks are deposited in one run and in one step, by just changing the recipe. We send out a daily email newsletter with the latest in depth news and analysis. Solar Media Energy Storage News. The system is available in numerous different versions and can be configured to meet the specific process and capacity requirements, as well as varying degrees of automation. Solar Media Energy Storage News. Pre-requisite for a successful implementation is a highly efficient surface passivation of front and rear side.

The centrotherm PECVD system requires a comparatively small footprint and delivers the lowest overall cost of ownership in the segment thanks to the maximum utilization of process gases.

Sign Up Sign In. The stack is compatible with standard Al pastes and shows a high passivation quality after contact firing. Sign Up Sign In. Renewable Energy India Expo.

Here is a preview. This is seen, not just in a new entrant adding hundreds of megawatts, but also in the many tier 2 and tier 3 Chinese suppliers that have restarted operations, or ramped up lines dormant for more than 18 months.