When you draw the bonus tile with the shrine and you play it down attached to a meadow, if the meadow is already claimed by a hunter can you. Buy Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers by Z-Man Games! FREE UK Delivery. players, age 8+. Video reviews & info. Embrace your inner caveman and score. Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers is a German-style board game. . the player may choose to place a hut instead of a follower, following normal rules.

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Like the original game it is based on, the objective of the game is to score points through judicious placement of terrain tiles and followers colloquially referred to as meeples. Four of these five tiles are special land tiles that can be played in lieu of drawing a tile that turn. Please send any comments to john modernjive. The placement of the hut on the Agriculture tile is governed by the rules for hunter placement.

Some tiles have more than one segment of forest. Only the player s with the majority of followers in a given feature score points for that completed feature, with all tied players receiving the full number of points if a tie exists.

A follower placed in a forest is called a Gatherer. Huts and ordinary followers do not influence each other’s placement; thus a player may place a hut on a river in which any player already has an ordinary follower. Similarly, a player may place an ordinary follower on a river in which any player already has a hut. Once I have placed the hut on the Agriculture tile, can anyone place a hunter in that meadow? But the bonus cards themselves don’t have gold nuggets on them.

An additional two points are awarded for each mushroom patch located within a completed forest. Each player has seven followers of a colour; two fishing huts and five ordinary followers.

It is thus possible for a single tile to contribute more than two points in the scoring of a forest. This page was last edited on 31 Mayat Forests are complete when they are surrounded on all sides by meadow. But of course you may connect two ore more meadows later in the game, as usual. Ordinary followers may be placed on any terrain feature i. A follower placed on a river is called a Fisher. All the information below was taken from official Carcassone sources: Meadows, which contain various animals, will score the player points for the animals that are contained therein, regardless of whether the meadow is complete or not.


Here is some clarification on the use of these tiles. Followers placed in a meadow are not returned to the player, and the meadow is not scored until the end of the game. At the end of the game, any followers on incomplete rivers or forests are removed, but no points are awarded.

Forests are scored per forest segment; cities are scored per tile.

If I place a hut on the Agriculture tile, does the hut get me points for the animals in the meadow? This document was produced by John Sweeney.

This results in those matching features being extended. Also, if you add multiple extensions the rules can get quite complicated as parts which were not intended to interact with one another may do so in complex or ambiguous ways.

Gold nuggets don’t provide any extra points. Then you could have a hut getting points for the size of the meadow and a hunter carcassohne for the animals. The player playing the bonus tile, as with normal tiles, may choose to place a follower on a feature of that bonus tile.

Rule query | Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers | BoardGameGeek

It is possible that followers may share the same feature if the placement of a tile joins two features of the same type, each of which already has a follower on it. The intention was carxassonne it should be the largest lake on the river-system.

After playing the tile, the player may score again in the normal fashion if any rivers or forests are completed.

The rules state that only 2-segment forests don’t get bonus cards. Can I choose whether I play a hut or a hunter on the Agriculture tile? The hnters nuggets in that forests do not correspond to the pennants in the cities.


Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers

The value of the gold nugget is that completing a forest gets you a bonus tile. To help distinguish a Hunter in the meadow form Gatherers and Fishers, the Hunters are placed on their side, whereas the Gatherers and fishers are placed standing up. Green discs are provided with the game to aid in this element of scoring. Retrieved from ” https: The followers on completed rivers and forests are removed and returned to the players’ supplies.

That is, can I remove a man and play him on the same turn? The bonus tile with burning grass, if placed in the meadow, negates the effect of the tigers, allowing all deer in the meadow to be scored.

Any tigers in excess of the number of deer will not adversely affect the scoring for a meadow. When playing with the Scout expansion, each player also takes a special tile at the beginning of the game from a set of five in a two-player game, each player takes two. The rules don’t prevent it, so you may take a tribe member back at any time in your turn. The player with the most points after a final round gathreers scoring wins the game.

These followers may then be reused in subsequent turns. Is it the largest lake on the river or the largest lake on the carcssonne If a player has a follower on the shrine, only that player scores for the meadow, regardless of the number of followers each player may have in the meadow. You only get a bonus card if the forest has at least one gold nugget. A follower placed on a meadow is called a Hunter.