and Gellner never settled on a definition of populism (Taggart. ), which Margaret Canovan’s Populism () comes up with a typology. Populism by Margaret Canovan, , Harcourt Brace Jovanovich edition, in English – 1st ed. Populism and the Two Faces of Democracy. Margaret Canovan Abstract. Populism, understood as an appeal to ‘the people’ against both the.

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The Oxford Handbook of Political Ideologies.

Comparative Political Studies47 9— Her book Hannah Arendt: Fifth, and perhaps even more crucially, our new minimal definition of modern populism points directly to its two negative poles, that is, political liberalism as has been analyzed by several authors, most notably Rawls, and autarchy or, if I were to use a rather tautological term, nondemocratic illiberalism. Studies in South American politics.

Margaret Canovan

Comparative Politics34 1 canovxn, 1— West European Politics34 6— In the end, there developed within the group two distinct approaches, one associated with canpvan theory and another with structural Marxism. Although its study began in earnest only in the late s, it has since developed through four distinct waves of scholarship, each pertaining to distinct empirical phenomena and with specific methodological and theoretical priorities.

Weidenfeld and Nicolson, Authoritarianism, fascism, and national populism.

The Pioneers The earliest wave of studies on populism originated in a conference held in at the London School of Economics, during which a multidisciplinary cohort of scholars explicitly set out to define the phenomenon. A syndrome, not a doctrine. Thus, seventh, the two core attributes of newly conceptualized populism bear a very traceable relation to sets of specific indicators and therefore lend themselves to empirical testing.


Based on the view that populism is characterized by a set of attributes that are necessary to pin down both its popuoism and functions, most conceptualizations of populism are essentialist.

The classification of ppopulism parties as “populist” is hotly disputed, as the term retains a negative connotation, refers to a somewhat vague and superficial set of commonalities between parties with very different ideological, rhetorical and organisational traits, and often cannot neatly distinguish populist from non-populist actors.

Thrown around with abandon? Thus undefined, elitism cannot be a valid fact-finding container—and, for the time being, we are left with no real negative pole for populism. Poor data, in turn, prohibits any meaningful classification of our cases, which eventually paves the way to poor—on no—theory.

In a separate Appendix, the various other major definitions of populism have also been assembled for comparative review. Clarifying a contested concept: Populist parties in Populizm Indeed, in the study of populism, conceptual stretching has been an ancestral sin.

Populism. By Canovan Margaret. (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1981. Pp. 351. $17.95.)

In effect, when we assert, for instance, that 19th-century U. As all the cases studied have been either authoritarian regimes or outright dictatorships, this perception of populism could have no traveling capacity beyond these particular cases.


Finally, the fourth approach questions the overall usefulness of the concept and prefer instead to work with more specific and situated categories.

Above all, the definition of populism remains the subject of heated controversy among social and political scientists, historians, and a miscellany of pundits. A min-max strategy of concept formation in the social sciences.

Populism – Margaret Canovan – Google Books

The Case of Colombia. Democratization20 1— How populist are the people? The varieties of populism: Fourth, as a result of both spatiotemporal context-specificity and a clear intension, our minimal concept also becomes well bound extensionally with regard to the ensemble of referents to which it may apply. Popular understandings of populism as conveyed by the print media: With this clause, and unless we may intent otherwise, populism becomes highly contextualized and relevant to the study of contemporary democratic politics.

Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited. American Political Science Review64 4— Corrective and threat to democracy.