I approached Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook without a forensic eye, I wanted to be entertained and to see what a good short ghost story could do. Canon Alberic’s Scrap-Book has ratings and 20 reviews. Bill said: My first reading of “Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook” will always hold a special place i. Ruth Rendell doesn’t believe in ghosts, of course, but MR James’s stories, like ‘ Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook’, frighten her nonetheless.

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Responsa 12 mi Dec. The probabilities, when reckoned up, certainly pointed to the last idea; but, still, the impression conveyed was that of a more formidable persecutor even than a termagant wife.

Reading Group #9 (‘Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook’)

A very Victorian ghost story that resonates today as well. James Works originally published in National Review London. These are good and have gone some way to filling in the gap in my horror reading collection.

Second thoughts – I’ll put this bit in the ‘gossip’ thread. An English tourist spends a day photographing the interior of the eponymous cathedral and is encouraged by the sacristan to buy an unusual manuscript.

Last century, I suppose. But it is interesting how qlberic can be so specific about place and time, whilst also being so slippery. But our Englishman had come early on the day in question, and proposed to himself to fill a note-book and to use several dozens of plates in the process of describing and photographing every corner of the wonderful church that dominates the little hill of Comminges.


Shall I become rich? A very spooky little tale with a lovely build in tension. Bertrand delivered a man whom the devil long sought to strangle.

As noted above, it was James’s first ghost story. It was time to ring the Angelus. He was white to the lips. I have some thoughts – for what they’re worth – but I don’t want to post any spoilers and it’s a bit difficult not to with this one.

The verger offers to walk Dennistoun back to his hotel. I recollect once showing the photograph of the drawing to a lecturer on morphology — a person of, I was going to say, abnormally sane and unimaginative habits of mind. Let us see what it is you have got. It’s too easy a cop-out to say that there must be something about James’s writing style that chimes with me, so I’ll have to albdric some serious thought to the matter.

Byronic rated it really liked it Mar 18, I’ve read it too, but still mulling it over in my brain. May 04, Alexander Polsky rated it it was amazing. Curious noises they were, sometimes.

The text identifies the picture as being “The dispute of Solomon with a demon of the night”, drawn by Canon Alberic himself. All for atmosphere of course, our hero lets call him Dennistoun — again a slippery non-specific technique around all this crystal clear description needs to be seen to be rational and unfazed by what we can see miles off.


A disturbing illustration in the back of the book is a key to the story’s suspenseful arc. This Alberic was a Canon of Comminges from to This prompts a question: From this point onwards its a breathless battle of the rational and the supernatural.

The scgapbook is now in a library of the University of Cambridge.

Reading Group #9 (‘Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook’) | Gothic Literature | LibraryThing

On the pavement before the throne were grouped four soldiers, surrounding a crouching figure which must be described in a moment.

Peccaui et passus sum, plura adhuc passurus.

I darted an inquiring glance at my sacristan. The man knows his atmosphere. But the story doesn’t seem to satisfactorily tie it all together – to me, alberid any rate. Jun 26,5: So we know there is no death, no frightening to death and not even a Myskatonic style bout of madness. Whenever he did look at him, he found him at no great distance, either huddling himself back against the wall or crouching in one of the gorgeous stalls.

He grabs the silver crucifix and screams. Monsieur fanon travel in company with his friends: Here were ten leaves from a copy of Genesis, illustrated with pictures, which could not be later than A.