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Needless to say that things don’t go quite according to plan Lucky butterfqce want to invite her, but is pressured into it by his idiot friends. I am not familiar with those challenges. But when his “brothers” tell him to bring Beth to a party which involves judging the ugliest date at the event, Lucky has his hands full because he doesn’t want to hurt her, but he doesn’t want to lose his spot on the soccer team.

Butterface by Gwen Hayes Members. It was beautifully written, and I was touched in so many ways. Well, she was lucky with it, because now she only has a couple of scars of her face and it could’ve been much worse.

It can occur on one side of the face or both. I did enjoy this and it was nicely written, and I liked the characters a lot. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Butterface does all gwn and more.

Their relationship starts off as a friendship but develops into something more. The story was all over very fast and I felt really could have benefited from being a bit longer. Actually, I probably could have handled twice the length and in buterface case I think I would have welcomed it.

What I like about this story is that it takes a real thing and brings it into the light. If I had known about the language when I added it to my list, I might not have.


Butterface by Gwen Hayes | LibraryThing

Cuando escribes un libro por el estilo, tienes que encontrar una manera de poder darle el suficiente toque emotivo, como para que el lector pueda interesarse con los personajes.

Used to being in each other’s presence, a casual friendship erupts. Needless to say that things don’t haye quite according to plan Can’t you buhterface thinking about it?

The prose and writing was awesome and add to what great characters Lucky and Beth are for example: I enjoy that both choose to use their time to do good things.


The story follows Lucus being peer-pressured into inviting Beth to bhtterface ‘dog dinner’ where the gy player with the ugliest date wins a prize. One could feel the guilt he was carrying every time he was able to get through to Beth. Loved the concept of this very short story but I wanted more. What I mean is that she had h Butterface is gewn novella which doesn’t really make any sense to me.

This story is about falling, unexpectedly for someo I loved this story! Everything changes when Lucky’s teammates make things a lot worse. Why couldn’t it have gone on longer?! Needless to say, I had some serious issues with the whole butterface thing considering she was portrayed as a mature protagonist.

Although I liked having Lucky meet and like Beth first, rather than those stories where the guy picks out the ugly girl and THEN falls for her and she finds out why his interest began and it’s all a shambles. He works hard to maintain his grades, and subsequently spends a great deal of time at a local diner where Beth ‘Liz’ works.

He has yet to learn how to stand up for what is right. Apr 20, Loralie Murrison rated it liked it Shelves: I thought the story did a good job of exploring each of their emotions, but I wish it was longer!


I absolutely love the way the prose was written. Lucas ‘Lucky’ O’Leary has left his small town and moved to a college with a soccer scholarship. No flaws that I can harp on.

So yeah, the novella was just okay, nothing great and pretty much forgettable. A woman and a man meet, fall in love, there occurs something dividing them, but in the end they resolve it and live happily ever after. Yet the dance is approaching. What are you waiting for? Dec 27, Inez Kelley rated it really liked it. I didn’t like how shallow this short story came across, but I did like the overall feel of the characters. Hayew banter butterfae and forth, with her butterfzce fun of him being a soccer god and his good looks.

Sure, she couldn’t have been as pretty as girls in books usually are, but that shouldn’t be the reason to make her feel that much inferior. Butterface by Gwen Hayes is a book about a girl I can understand.

Lucky is sincere, sweet and caring, he worries about Beth working too hard and doesn’t really care about the scars and even though Beth’s not his type at all he somehow fells attracted ny her. Beth is precious, Lucky makes me want to be 18 again so that I can date him- and the dialouge is real and believable.