Mai Error Analysis Regarding Diagnosis Coding According to ICD 9 Subject to the “ Bundespflegesatzverordnung”E. Nitzschke, M. Wiegand. as a result of national convergence. Current .. ) and the Bundespflegesatzverordnung (Statutory Instrument Con-. 5. Okt. innerhalb der Bundespflegesatzverordnung. .. 2 Ab mit der Durchschnittsbevölkerung auf Grundlage des Zensus berechnet, bis.

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Data management was in line with the data protection requirements in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. First, the integrated treatment model was applied to all patients seeking inpatient treatment in the district. Mental health in Europe: In the present documentation validity and reliability still shows a good result compared to bundespflehesatzverordnung studies. Prompted by legal guardian.

Thieme E-Journals – Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und ihre Grenzgebiete / Abstract

Limitations As a control group is missing, bundesprlegesatzverordnung are several limitations associated with the bunvespflegesatzverordnung design and data sources.

However, this major change in the provision of care in the region became effective only during the last two years of the second study period. One pioneer region has been scientifically studied [ 891011 ] and has shown long-lasting improvement in the health status of the psychiatric patients in its catchment area and a significant reduction in inpatient days.

Under RPB conditions the number of voluntary admissions increased significantly and the number of cases with suicidal ideas or behaviour before admission declined significantly. Therefore, it cannot be estimated whether individual diagnostic subgroups differ in their benefits from the RPB. Only the most robust parameters were analysed in this study.

Changes in mental health care by a regional budget: How does Europe PMC derive its citations network? Also, it cannot be excluded that cases are shifted into outpatient care delivered by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, that does not belong to the RPB, but is unlikely to accept additional cases due to own limited budget.


Additionally, we did not analyse subgroups of various psychiatric diagnoses.

Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS Integrated bundespdlegesatzverordnung in Germany-a stony but necessary road! The hospital is committed to a social psychiatric treatment concept and provides psychiatric care by avoiding inpatient stays and offering treatment in day care facilities and walk-in clinics; this is combined with home treatment if necessary as well as long-term social support services and bundespflegesatzverrodnung therapeutic relationships.

Conclusion Under the capitation principle of the RPB, providers were better able to provide flexible and continuous care for psychiatric patients in need of inpatient treatment than was possible under the standard reimbursement model, based on single inpatient cases.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The provider does not need to itemise services and will not be supervised by the medical review board of the statutory health insurance bundespflegexatzverordnung [ 67 ].

The regional psychiatry budget: This might partly explain the increasing number of documented cases in budnespflegesatzverordnung time jobs during the second period. Bundespflegesatzveeordnung models aim to overcome sector divisions and to provide continuous treatment, which integrates several care providers and guarantees the stability of treatment staff.

Weinmann S, Gaebel W. The documentation of cases in the hospital controlling department did not change over time. Changes in mental health care by a regional budget—results of a pilot project in schleswig-holstein Germany Gesundheitswesen. Despite forced savings due to the capitation fee several indicators hint at an improvement of health status and response to treatment under the RPB conditions. Because only anonymised data were used for analysis a formal ethical consultation was not required.

Mean duration of inpatient stay before and after implementation dashed line of the Regional Psychiatry Budget RPB in the administrative District of Dithmarschen. Automatic coding systems integrated into medical writing service seems to be the only help in view of removing these problems. The model has been described in detail elsewhere [ 791012 ]. R Foundation for Statistical Computing; Thomas Keil for his input into the discussion. A lump sum is allocated to a major inpatient care provider in a large region on a yearly basis.


The present study aimed to evaluate selected aspects that represent a change in the psychiatric health status of patients in the covered region under the conditions of the RPB. The stable capitation of the RPB allows for individual approaches to integrated care because the hospital need not rely on traditional reimbursement based on bed occupancy [ 12 ]. Supplementary to this after one year there was carried out an additional coding of the letters by the documentation doctor.

The negotiated lump sum is kept stable over the time span of the contract between the umbrella organisation of all statutory health insurance companies and the provider. The number of cases needing any restraining procedures during their inpatient stays decreased significantly. During the repeated examination the documentation doctor made an error of 4. This did not result bundespflegezatzverordnung a worse outcome in terms of health status and social functioning in the population of severely psychiatric ill patients in the region.

The study used a pre-post comparison design. Inpatient cases that were bndespflegesatzverordnung during both periods including the date Dec 31, were artificially assigned to the pre-test period according to their admission dates.

Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively.

Fehleranalyse bei der Diagnoseverschlüsselung nach ICD 9 gemäß der Bundespflegesatzverordnung

The significance level for all analyses was set to 0. Total costs of treatment were kept stable during the RPB because reimbursement of the care provider was capitalised based on the caseload and reimbursement before implementation of the RPB.

The regional budget for mental health care: