BS 5499-4 PDF

BS covers all safety warning sign, including fire safety signs and is Specification for self-luminous fire safety signs; BS BS Safety signs. Code of practice for escape route signing. standard by BSI Group, 12/31/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering

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It is recommended that you choose a fire action chart which is simple, includes a step-by-step instruction and one that uses graphical symbols from Standards to increase comprehension.

Code of practice for escape route signing.

BS – Safety signs. Code of practice for escape route signing (British Standard)

Safety way guidance systems SWGS. Classification, bbs and durability of safety signs. Adobe Reader Download Adobe Reader. Emergency Exit and Emergency Door Release Equipment Signs Doors that have security devices, especially doors that are specifically used for escape should use signs to indicate its operating instructions. Mandatory Notices Mandatory notices help in preventing the spread of fire by informing building occupants of the mandatory requirements.

Escape Route Location Signs. Progress down from here indicating change of level. Building regulations Amendments list Safe Condition Signs Safe condition signs is a category used by the Standards to categorise first aid equipment, location and emergency instructions for people with special needs.


Distributor Information Distributor Information. This page aims to assist those in fire safety vs with guidance, legislation requirements and recommendations on good safety signing practices.

BS 5499-4:2013

Doors that have security devices, especially doors that are specifically used for escape should use signs to indicate its operating instructions. These 54499-4 should be prominently displayed. DIN 67 Part b BS – 4: Suspended in front of door.

Everlux for Public Transportation. DIN 67 – 1: Progress up to the b indicating change of level. BS – 6: Standard Number BS Progress up to the right indicating change of level. DIN 67 – 4: Escape Route Signs are required at every decision making points to indicate, a change of level, change of direction and to identify escape doors. Customers who bought this product also bought BS Suspended at foot of stairs or ramp. Below is a list of standards that you might find useful when searching for references.

Legislation states that all safety signs require illumination and must remain illuminated under a power loss.

Design principles for safety signs and safety markings supersedes BS – 1: Progress forward and up from here indicating change of level. Bw signs have a maximum viewing distance. Graphical symbols – Safety colours and safety signs – 599-4 2: DIN 67 – 3: Safety Identification — Escape and evacuation plan signs. Specifications for water safety signs used in workplaces and public areas.


Graphical symbols and signs creation and design of public information symbols. It should not be used in conjunction with, or near another directional sign that might conflict with the direction of travel.

Progress forward and through from here, when sign is sited above a door indicating direction of travel. Search all products by.

Safety colours and safety signs classification – performance and durability of safety signs. Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

It is also important that signs be sited at a comfortable eye-level so that it can be easily read. Since the world has experienced a number of serious tragedies that have created the need for escape route systems that are independent of traditional electrical lighting systems.

Suspended at head of stairs or ramp or ramp.

Health and safety requirements, Mounting position, Emergency exits, Lighting systems, Selection, Safety measures, Graphic symbols, Means of escape from fire in buildings, Warning devices, Signs, Symbols, Sign lighting buildingsMaintenance, Fire safety in buildings, Fire safety, Text.

They can be use as part of a formal fire safety training. Products for phosphorescent escape route systems – Markings and applications.