English Spanish online dictionary Term Bank, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. rathke’s pouch cyst quiste de la bolsa de rathke. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘bolsa de Rathke’. 1-Bolsa de Rathke, 2-membrana bucofaríngea, 3-bolsa de Seessel, 4- localização da bolsa de Tornwaldt, 5-notocórdio. from publication: Nasopharyngeal.

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This paper describes a patient with a symptomatic Rathke’s cleft cyst that was treated surgically. Tissue Culture Study Surgical material was washed with buffer salt solution and cut into 0. Microcyst formation was noted in the emigrating epithelial cells.

Sign in via Shibboleth. Visual acuity was impaired bilaterally due to a bitemporal hemianopsia. The cyst was composed of vascularized stroma of connective tissue and three kinds of epithelial cells; ciliated, non-ciliated epithelial, and mucous-secreting cells.

Rathke’s cleft cyst | Radiology Reference Article |

T2 hypointense cyst Case 8: This tube was connected with an Ommaya reservoir placed in the temporal subcutaneous space. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer bosla. Surgical material was washed with buffer salt solution and cut into 0. The lumen of the pouch narrows to form a cleft Rathke’s cleft that normally regresses. Phase microscopy of culture cells taken 10 days after cultivation revealed that epithelial cells actively proliferated and emigrated from the explant Fig.

bolsa de rathke

The inner lining was a single layer of columnar epithelium. Case 15 Case Case 14 Case In the columnar epithelium a group of cells with abundant cilia alternated with a group of goblet cells containing mucous secretions Fig. These squamous cells showed intercellular bridges between microvilli of adjacent cells.


The skin was dry and pale. Electron micrograph of ciliated cell and goblet cell on the medial surface of the cyst.

Our study suggests that both craniopharyngioma and Rathke’s cleft cyst have a common origin, remnants of Rathke’s pouch which is formed by the invagination rathks the stomodeumbut a different histological differentiation. In the cytoplasm, there were many bundles of tonofibrils and also electron-dense granules that were thought to be keratohyaline granules Fig.

The preoperative diagnosis was frequently that of chromophobe pituitary adenoma, because of the similarities in the clinical picture. Loading Stack – 0 images remaining. These symptoms usually lasted a week and recurred at monthly intervals.

The signal characteristics vary according to the cyst composition, which may be mucoid or serous. View All Subscription Options. After partial removal of the wall of the cyst and nodule, a silicone tube was inserted into the remaining cavity. You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. I t is widely believed that epithelial cysts found within the sella turcica are derived from remnants of Rathke’s pouch.

Cases and figures Imaging differential diagnosis. Cystic macroadenoma Cystic macroadenoma.

Term Bank – bolsa de rathke – Spanish English Dictionary

Sign in via OpenAthens. This was apparently the result of accumulation of mucous material and desquamated cells. These symptoms were relieved after aspiration of 1 ml of rafhke mucous material through the Ommaya reservoir. Arachnoid cyst Arachnoid cyst. There were no other general physical or neurological signs. Keratohyaline granules were not seen. There were no significant sex differences.


You can also find results for a single author or contributor. In Rathke’s cleft cyst mucous secretion and ciliated epithelium are seen, which are apparently absent in craniopharyngioma.

A year-old woman was admitted to Nagoya University Hospital complaining of visual field defects and amenorrhea. Case 2 Case 2. There is a recognised female preponderance with a female to male ratio of approximately 2: Case 12 Case The diaphragma sellae was bulging out into the prechiasmatic region and both optic nerves were displaced laterally by a cystic mass with a whitish-gray appearance. Diagnosis was made at autopsy in 15 cases and by surgical intervention and biopsy in 19 cases.

In this study ciliated epithelial and mucous-secreting cells in a pituitary which were also described by Rasmussen 20 were taken as pathognomonic for Rathke’s cleft cyst. A right frontal craniotomy was performed. Purely suprasellar location, although reported, is rare.

Rathke’s cleft cyst is generally thought to originate from the remnants of Rathke’s pouch, although some investigators 5, 28 have suggested that it has a neuroepithelial origin.

In fact, the histology of symptomatic Rathke’s cleft cyst as described in many reports is similar to that of incidental Rathke’s cleft. Phase contrast micrograph of culture cells taken 10 days after cultivation. Accessed December 31, They are common lesions and usually incidentally identified. Case 1 Rathkee 1.