: Mastiff: The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 3 (Audible Audio Edition): Tamora Pierce, Susan Denaker, Listening Library: Books. Mastiff is the third and last volume in the Provost’s Dog trilogy, published on October 25, Rebakah (Beka) Cooper: Beka is now a fourth-year Dog. Beka is the ancestress of George Cooper, his children and grandchildren; Eleni Cooper; and Rispah Cooper and Latest Appearance, Mastiff.

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Mya Fane is her foster aunt and Gershom’s cook. Apparently the crowd just randomly assigns dog nicknames to people, in unison. Parris Eckard is a silk merchant. I am a fan of Tamora Pierce and the Beka Cooper series was one of my favorites. As one of the main people involved in bringing the counterfeiters down Beka gets a King’s Award [22].

Captain Elfed was part of msatiff King’s Own who accompanied their Majesties to the welcome party. This book is as emotionally gripping as it is thrilling to read, and the pacing never flags as Beka and coopet allies pursue their quarry despite numerous roadblocks, some extremely nasty enemies, and betrayals. He might also be one of the Rats we seek.

If I find them that’s doing all this kidnapping and murdering, they’d best pray for mercy. The Hunt is on! October 25, Ckoper of pages: In her year as a Puppy a white trim is sewn to the hems to show her status as a trainee.

It’s weird that Baird appears to be in on their plans, but then helps them to leave the castle when that jerkoff of a count continues his lady’s insults.

Also, I was irritated by Master Farmer. It seems everyone in books, mastff to be a noble or marry a noble or be made a noble.


Rebakah Cooper

Families can talk about the world the book takes place in. And the Farmer issue Though I would love to join groups, I’m going to turn them all down. As I said in the review, I think her two best series which are also the first two she wrote are The Song of the Lioness Quartet, and The Immortals Quartet, both of which take place in Tortall.

Afterwards Lord Gershom followed Beka home and invited her and her family to live at his household in Corus. She was a member of the Provost’s Guardthe country’s law enforcement. They will be sent out of Corus on a trail that appears and disappears, following mastif twisting road throughout Tortall.

Product coo;er Audible Audiobook Listening Length: I really love everything Tamora Pierce writes. All the Dogs realize that Holborn’s impetuous nature got him killed in the line of duty. Though I would love to join gro Hey, folks!

Her second big case is brought to her by the ghosts riding the pigeons. That is the only way I would ever excuse “Mastiff.

Mastiff | Tamora Pierce Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I love how well she makes her characters, how believable and strong they are, but that just wasn’t in this book. I really wish it was- I’d get over the lameness and feel relieved that all of those scenes were just a figment of Beka’s imagination.

During the attack, the king and queen were away for the evening and the four-year-old Prince Gareth was kidnapped. Not that I’m complaining–it’s a delight to pick up on those little references.

You have to lay groundwork. Three years have passed since Beka Cooper almost died in the sewers of Port Caynn, and she is now a respected member of the Provost’s Guard. And it was the most splendid Hunt imaginable.


An excerpt of Mastiff was placed in the back of Tortall and Other Lands: They also have much in common like their sense of justice and the dedication in their work for the Provost’s Guard. It would’ve been easy to use her uncharacteristic behavior as foreshadowing, Pierce could’ve dropped the reveal that he was magically influencing her.

The one here wasn’t terrible but it did feel out of place. The Cover and Title The cover is consistent with the earlier two with its solid bands of color, — deep, deep green in this case yes, I know it looks teal on the computer, weird… — with the author’s name and the title in white. When Beka gets word of Goodwins friend Isanz Finer and his family being arrested, she feels under the obligation to help him and goes to the Deputy Provost in the hope that he might listen to her, see the mistake and release the Finers.

I wish that Achoo had been the only sidekick in this book. One person found this helpful. King Roger, formerly a canoodling man unconcerned with the affairs of the country, has recently begun inspecting the goings-on of the realm on the request of his new wife, Queen Jessamine.

Mastiff (novel) – Wikipedia

It mastitf me ask what I would do for the sake of money, love, and power in a time of confusion. Because I certainly did. It is as Beka is facing these feelings that Lord Gershom appears at her door.