Atanas Ourkouzounov Combines Traditional and Contemporary Elements in Fascinating Ways. Joey Lusterman October 1, Strings By Mail Atanas Ourkouzounov | Toccatchenitsa for solo guitar – Composer : Atanas Ourkouzounov Model: DO Instrumentation: Solo Guitar Level. Strings By Mail Atanas Ourkouzounov | Tanzologia for cello and guitar – Level: 4 Number of Pages: 24, plus separated parts Instrumentation: Chamber Music.

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Sometimes it happens with the guitar, sometimes not; it might happen in front of a computer or with pen and paper.

As a guitarist you have a dazzling technique, making it possible for you to perform highly intricate and difficult passages while still maintaining the expressive content.

Atanas Ourkouzounov | Toccatchenitsa for solo guitar

So I pick up my guitar ourkouzlunov order to try out something, or I go deeply into my own imagination to intensely figure out what a musical idea might sound like. I would especially like to mention the clarinet-player Ivo Papazov, and Thedosii Spassov, who plays afanas [a traditional wooden flute]. He also writes about music, focusing mainly on contemporary music for classical guitar.

How do you get your ideas and how do you go about manifesting them?

Atanas Ourkouzounov | Toccatchenitsa for solo guitar

About Search Contact Sign In. Atanas Ourkouzounov is one of most interesting personalities in the Bulgarian contemporary music. The two of you are creating something fresh, making a new piece of music, while the melody still remains.


That is the reason for this influence still being so strong. I cannot fully explain how I get my ideas. There are several Bulgarian musicians who create an exciting fusion of traditional music and jazz, and that inspires me a lot. When Atanas Ourkouzounov plays, things are cooking. Melodies rapidly winding through flickering semitone-vegetation. You seem to have a never-ending source of inspiration at atqnas Atanas Ourkouzounov – Guitar.

The bases are the rhythms and the different modal scales that we use in this part of the world. Yes, my technique is grounded in the music I write. A version of this article originally appeared in the magazine Gitarr och Luta.

Atanas Ourkouzounov – Pleven Guitar Festival

The rhythms and the uneven time-signatures? Several internationally recognized performers have played his works. And so is the variety—ranging from your own original compositions to arrangements of popular music.

Na ti mome dzivri Bulgaria. Other recordings by Atanas Ourkouzounov: Everything is connected to the music we create. Another project for next year is to record my guitar concertos in Denmark, together with my engineer Leif Hesselberg. Polegnala e Tudora Bulgaria.

Has your own music forced you to keep expanding your technical capacity?

Ourkouzounov grew up in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. You have composed so much, made several recordings, and also tour a lot. His guitar playing eventually took him to France, where he studied at the Paris Conservatory with teachers such as Olivier Chassain and Arnaud Dumond.

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The process qtanas hard to describe, but I feel this excitement and it is impossible to let go once I have started. Then, sudden shifts of perspective, showing views of floating harmonies and charged waiting. When it comes to conductors, I often listen to the interpretations of Carlos Kleiber.

Atanas Ourkouzounov Combines Traditional and Contemporary Elements in Fascinating Ways

He offered them food and alcohol, so they went on playing for hours and hours. There have been interesting blends of musical influences, such as Orthodox Slavic music, Turkish and Arabian maqamwtanas musical tradition of the Gypsies, Jewish, Armenian—all of these are being mixed and that is the main reason this music is so rich.

During my childhood I was fascinated by the folk musicians that used to gather in the square at night in the village where my grandparents lived in the Balkan mountains.