asciidoc cheat sheet. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. `Inline code`. Inline code. [source,java] /** * @author John Smith */ package ; public. Description. A text document format for writing notes, documentation, articles, books, ebooks, slideshows, web pages, man pages and blogs.

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Help topic names can be shortened so long as they are not ambiguous. Author is Alex Efros Version is 2. To change, delete or add your own help topics edit a help configuration file. Question one Answer one. Writing and Editing Why are some “Insert” options unavailable? Bulleted 2 bullet bullet.

AsciiDoc is light weight: Use the halign attribute to horizontally align all cells in a table. This paragraph is part of the preceding list item. The trailing title delimiter is optional.

Indexes The shipped AsciiDoc configuration includes the inline macros for generating DocBook index entries. FOP is more feature complete for example, callouts are processed inside literal layouts and arguably produces nicer looking output. Send patches in diff -u format, inline inside the mail message is usually best; if it is a very long patch then send it as an attachment.

Common attributes Most block elements support the following attributes: Configuration file block definition sections are processed incrementally after each configuration file is loaded.


Getting Started

The following examples are taken from AsciiDoc configuration files:. Returns a blank string unless the attribute is undefined in which case the return value is undefined and the enclosing line shedt be dropped.

The Definitive Guide http: Section markup template names are derived as follows in order of precedence:. Optional Title Literal paragraph.

AsciiDoc Home Page

If the list contains any named or quoted attributes then all string attribute values must be quoted. Book documents will normally be used to produce DocBook output since DocBook processors can automatically generate footnotes, table of cheqt, list of tables, list of figures, list of examples and indexes.

Sidebar Blocks A sidebar is a short piece of text presented outside the narrative flow of the main text.

The default psv separator contains cell specifier related named regular expression groups. Two docinfo files are recognized: The toc attribute can be specified using the –attribute toc command-line option or a: If you link to a dynamically generated TOC address the page will load but the browser will ignore the cheqt yet ungenerated section ID. The following example includes the [admonitionblock] section in the [admonitionparagraph] section:.

The encoding attribute can be set using an AttributeEntry inside the document header. AsciiDoc markup is simple, intuitive and as such is easily proofed and edited.

With this style table cells can contain any of the AsciiDoc elements that are allowed inside document sections. The default value is all. The asciidoc 1 –filter option is used to load and manage filer plugins. Instead of using a paragraph indent you could apply the literal style explicitly, for example: The default table format is psv. Warnings can be used for including supplemental information in your text.


AsciiDoc Home Page

Arabic decimal numbered list item. Inline document elements are used to format text and to perform various types of text substitution. The same AsciiDoc article template generated this HTML 5 the toc2 attribute puts a table of contents in the left margin from this command:. By default linkcss is undefined in which case stylesheets and scripts are automatically embedded in the output document.

The entries that translate to blank strings are designed to be used for conditional text inclusion. The first positional attribute role attribute is translated by AsciiDoc to an HTML span element class attribute or a DocBook phrase element role attribute. This example sets the default labeled list style to horizontal:. The dash must have at least one white space character on either side.