The Gramophone Choice. Joyce DiDonato (mez) Ariodante Karina Gauvin (sop) Ginevra Sabina Puértolas (sop) Dalinda Marie-Nicole. Handel, a German composer, became a superstar in London, England, by writing Italian operas. Ariodante, one of his best, was premiered in.

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Still, back at the palace, Ginevra is sentenced to death for her supposed disloyalty. Work Title Ariodante Alt ernative.

The music for the leading soprano, Ginevra, is “outstanding”, according to Paul Henry Langmoving from joy to despair and back again to happiness. The first new opera Handel presented at Covent Garden was also one of his finest.

The German-born Handel had brought Italian opera to London stages for the first time in with ariodsnte opera Rinaldo.

Skip to main content. The King pardons Dalinda and goes to find his daughter.

A copy of this unique word book is in the collection of the Handel House Museum. Polinesso tells Ariodante to watch as “Ginevra”, really Dalinda wearing Ginevra’s clothes, admits Polinesso into her bedroom for the night. Among a series of remarkable arias for the title role, sung in the first performance by the bandel Carestini, are the mournful aria with bassoon obbligato “Scherza infida”, “one of Handel’s greatest arias” [15] and the joyful “Dopo notte” with astonishing vocal acrobatics and huge range.

Polinesso and Ariodante meet; Polinesso feigns astonishment when Ariodante tells him he is betrothed to Ginevra, insisting that Ginevra loves him. Marc MinkowskiLes Musiciens du Louvre. But there’s a problem. Nathan Haskell DoleEnglish text. During the first few decades of the s, Italian opera may have been London’s hottest ticket, and Handel’s operas were the most popular of them all.


The Gramophone Choice: Handel’s Ariodante

Ariodante ” January Whether you want to see what we think of today’s latest releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, you will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Database. On this recording, it’s performed by the late Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson. All these pieces were discarded before the premiere. From The Earliest Ages to the Ariodantte.

Retrieved 1 May Lurcanio tells him to prepare for combat, but the knight raises his visor and, to general astonishment, reveals himself as Ariodante. Ginevra is in love with Ariodante, a vassal, and the two have her father’s permission to be married, as Ginevra explains to her lady-in-waiting, Dalinda.

Polinesso wants Dalinda to dress as Ginevra, and let him into Ginevra’s chambers late at night. Almost three hours of gripping music-drama pass in a trice, helped by the unbroken sequence of DVD.

To confirm the story, Polinesso confesses as he dies.

Scandal in Scotland: Handel’s ‘Ariodante’

It then went unperformed until a revival in Stuttgart in Retrieved 4 August Ariodante jubilantly hails a new bright day dawning after nights of darkness Aria: Scherza infida Act II 2. Views Read Edit View history. Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music.

Retrieved 1 August Polinesso meets Lurcanio in public combat and is felled by a mighty blow. The great hall of the palace. The events of Handel’s Ariodante revolve around a young woman named Ginevra, the daughter of the King of Scotland. It was actually written in English, because Handel, though born in Germany, made his musical fame — along with a considerable fortune — during the many decades he spent in London.

The Grand Theatre of Geneva. The King disdainfully declares that a wanton is no longer his daughter.

Ariodante sings of how all nature speaks to him of love Aria: He produces a sworn statement that he personally witnessed Ginevra betraying Ariodante with Polinesso, and says he’ll defend his statement against anyone who would stand up for Ginevra’s honor.


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Polinesso hatches his plot — he tells Dalinda that if she will dress as Ginevra that evening and invite him into her apartments, he will be hers Aria: Javascript is required for this feature. Retrieved 2 January Like Handel’s other works in the opera seria genre, Ariodantedespite its initial success, fell into oblivion for nearly two hundred years. Performances took place at the King’s Theater.

The Gramophone Choice: Handel’s Ariodante |

Recommended recordings of Handel’s opera. The following morning the King is in council, about to declare Ariodante his ariodxnte, when Odoardo brings a report that the Prince has thrown himself into the sea in a sudden frenzy and has drowned. For that, however, Minkowski is partly to blame.

The King immediately summons Ginevra back to the court — and disowns her. When Ginevra hears this, she faints and is taken away.

Virgin ClassicsCat: Prendi, prendi da questa mano. Hearts and Armour A General History Of Music: