Antywzorce sql pdf. Typ danych FLOAT jzyka SQL, tak jak typ danych float w wikszoci jzykw programowania, koduje liczby rzeczywiste w. Antywzorce języka SQL. Jak uniknąć pułapek podczas programowania baz danych. Jan B Karwin. Karwin B., , Antywzorce języka. Antywzorce języka SQL. Jak unikać pułapek podcz Bill Karwin. zł · okladka. Audiobook w mp3; Mobi + Epub.

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Antywzorce sql pdf

And here we are. Oct 10, Ben Rand rated it really liked it Shelves: It gives solutions to those errors.

The izyka throughout the book is: A great book, that is easy to read, and includes many important topics. Jul 08, Ji rated it liked it Shelves: For instance, the database backing a blog whose posts can have an arbitrary number of tags would have a column TAGS with entries such as ‘tag1, tag2, tag4’. Ppllssqqll qquuiicckk gguuiiddee the plsql programming language was developed by oracle corporation in the late s as procedural extension language for sql and the oracle relational database.

In the world of SQL you can do many mistakes. Apr 02, Antyzworce rated it really liked antywzorcf Recommends it for: And I have fixed quite a few in code from other. I enjoyed the discussions around security and can appreciate that storing passwords in the database is a bad idea I’ve seen that more than once and have a better understanding on how to protect against SQL injection attacks. Whatever platform or programming jjzyka you use, whether you’re a junior programmer or a Ph.


Dinged also for nothing on de normalization and what you need to be careful about when doing tbis, after all de normalization can look like an anti pattern.

Very well written – concise and to the point text interspersed with both SQL and general software development bits of wisdom, followed by simple but not simplistic examples. Even better, it will also show you how to fix them, and how to avoid these and other problems in the future. His explanation of the problems these can cause should help developers remember jzykq the anti-patterns are so dangerous.

May 10, Lisa rated it it was ok. While I enjoyed reading this book, I found most of the example trivial from the RoR best practices and conventions, I would recommend it if you want to level up your sql game. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming to help me understand if I was asking Hibernate antywsorce do something silly and I’m really glad that I did. No trivia or antywzorcee yet. Sep 25, David Lindelof rated it really liked it.

Antywzorce sql pdf

So I knew most of the anti patterns and antywzoce solution. The chapters are very cohesive and are easy to consume in a single sitting.

Maybe I’m just lucky to work on things that were well built or I’m more experienced than antywzodce target audience for the book. Some of the patterns seem really out of date with current development strategies, but reviewing them to prevent implementing the sins of the past is still a good thing.


SQL Antipatterns by Bill Karwin

All in all, a decent read for a new SQL user, but if you have any experience with SQL you might want to skip this one for a newer reference. Apr 29, Rafalp rated it it was ok. I was hoping to get a little more out of this jxyka. For instance, the database backing a blog whose posts can have an arbitrary number of tags would have a column TAGS with entries such as ‘tag1, tag2, This is a catalog of what the author considers widespread bad practices in the use antywzorde relational databases and SQL programming.

This is a very readable book covering best practice in relational database design and some related areas of interest to software developers. I justify 1 week as enough time to understand the issues since I faced most of them in projects that had databases falling in at least antywzorcee.

The “Polymorphic associations” anti-patterns really resonated with me. Jun 24, Ispiriants Volodymyr rated it anyywzorce was amazing Shelves: Bazy danych podstawy projektowania i jezyka sql krystyna.

Plsql lets you use all sql data manipulation, cursor control, and transaction control statements, and all sql functions, operators, and pseudocolumns.