Noted from – SQUARE FOOTAGE–METHOD FOR CALCULATING: ANSI Z DOWNLOAD A COPY, Click Here. To claim adherence to this standard, the . American National Standards Institute is a premier source for timely, relevant, actionable information on national, regional, international standards and. ANSI Z, Single-Family Residential Buildings – Square Footage – Method for Calculating, suggests measuring and multiplying the.

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Finished Adjacent to Finished When finished area is adjacent to finished area the common wall is divided equally between the two areas.

A sample definition of living area from a Louisiana Board is as follows: Declaration 3 must be made when area calculation z7765 based upon estimated dimensions. As far aansi inclusion in Total Area Under Roof, the storage must be attached or contiguous with the main house.

ANSI states that when the garage is located beneath the main body of the house, some 12 localities treat the area as the unfinished area of the anso however, when the garage is attached to the house it is often identified separately as a garage and not included in the unfinished area of the house summation. Subsequent to this identification, the area is then identified as Finished or Unfinished area. Each is then related to ANSI. Further, the treads can only be included if a floor does not already exist.

ANSI and Fannie Mae Measuring Standards

Market practices are sometimes inconsistent in this interpretation and include an exterior wall thickness adjustment to the length of the interior dimension to equate the dimensions to an exterior dimension. This area must be identified separately. Again, this is to provide a consistency in the description of space.

Total area under roof is a summation of ANSI defined finished and unfinished area. Four feet has been taken away from the width of the second floor to accommodate or meet the requirements that GLA is defined as a minimum of 5 feet.


Some listing systems only allow a certain number of levels. The ANSI standard even identifies acceptable finishes. ANSI addresses this in the treatment of the area of a garage.

This portion of the treads exceeding the stairwell is not included in the second floor calculation, only that portion that fills the well. ANSI provides sample verbiage as follows: Other inconsistencies exist in defining the degree of finishes needed to be considered living area, the handling of stairs, the anei height requirements, accessibility, ventilation requirements, etc.

By definition a storage room is a room in which things are stored. The finished area consists only of the floor z675 where the ceiling height is at least five feet.

The market typically refers to such a house as an Acadian style house. Application of this declaration by a real estate agent should be an exception to the normal course of listing a house.

It is evident that the treads do not completely fill the well. Any information inconsistent with the ANSI identification should be adequately explained in the comments. Per ANSI ceiling height must be considered when computing area.

The ceiling height limitations caused by the roof line must be considered to provide an ANSI compliant area calculation. Outbuildings such as pool houses, guest houses, storage buildings, etc. These are required when compliance with the actual measurement and inspection of the property is not performed. Again, the area under stairs is not deducted from the base level because of ceiling height.

Again, how would an appraiser know if a comparable only had 18 feet wide living area on the second floor if they had not inspected the interior of the comparable sale? Understand that different boards may have varying requirements; however, it is obvious that consistent like and quality is key.


ANSI Z Square Footage Calculation Method | Home Innovation Research Labs

Thus, ANSI indicates that finishes not only need to exist, but the like and quality must not be substandard. For instance, a townhouse adjoining another townhouse has a common wall. It is clear that such space is considered unfinished space and can be included in the summation if it is contiguous and meets the Total Area Under Roof s765.

However, if a buyer desires a three bedroom house and a guest house, the guest house should be searched through the amenity or comments category. The best source is someone that knows the differences and understands what sales agent’s anxi are. So while Fannie Mae guidelines would include open area such as the stair well and cathedral area over living room, in their determination of GLA, ANSI standards does not. The measurement of finished area extends to the stud of the common wall closest to unfinished area.

The valuation of such space is based upon market data.

The ANSI Z765 standard for calculating square footage.

Measurement of finished area extends to the inside surface of the garage. Placement of an area in the storage classification does not indicate minimal value. However, in such instances, he or she must explain the reason for the deviation and clearly describe the comparisons that were made.

So that is pretty simple, not qnsi at all.