Andrea Chénier is the only work from among the ten composed by this verismo -style opera, which was an immediate success, the libretto is. r^ ;C\1 c\j CD Giordano, Uinberto c Andrea Che*nier. Libretto. English & Italian Andre Che’nier Rev. ed. ML 50 mi 40 CENTS OPERAH METROPOLITAN. Andrea Chénier è un’opera lirica in quattro quadri (“dramma di ambiente storico”) di Umberto Giordano su libretto di Luigi.

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Dammi codesta creatura vaga! Do write, I say! The Major-domo moves on to rooms beyond, leaving Gerard behind, who smoothes the cushions of the couch and dusts the faded silk.

A hungry fox was spying With an envious eye The sweet ripe grape Hanging from a high vine But seeing that it was So hard to reach it She went away musing: How sweet and charming ; How lovely you are! Evento lubretto in tempo di assegnati!

Andrea Chenier

Uno oggidi baciato diman muor. The death-cart passes, followed by an excited crowd. The ball continues as if nothing had happened.

Con voi me ne congratulo E tu pel primo! Thou’rt a father to slaves!

Andrea Chénier – Wikipedia

Imponigli silenzio tu, o Dumas! Since, if you will not hear me, I am lost! L’ha rovinato il leggere! Vidi il tuo amore!


E Austriaci, e Prussian! All eke is chenoer Vieni al braccio mio! Vicina nel ter- rore? With hate my heart is fill’d! The Abbe is fairly smoth- ered with courtesies. What cause have I to fear? Dove andremo a finire? Ma per Chenier rn uomo che 1’odiava ha preparato per oggi il suo giudizio Oh, cosa vana ‘Tuva immatura!

As yet, no trace of her ; But for the “she” the “he” has such attraction, That, if I’m not mistaken, She’ll come back of her own accord. Medard and the Count of Ailbetaire! Questi lochi abbandoniamo I Non avra, fino al ritorno, gioje il cuore! Cancellare or chdnier da la lista il nome suo? My courage fails me!

The Fate you trust rewards you with the heart Of some fine dame of fashion! I gaz’d o’er the blue expanse of heav’n unclouded ; O’er fields andrrea violets enamell’d ; The world around, above me, In glimm’ring golden glory was shrouded ; The spacious earth seem’d as one mighty gem Enclosed within her casket, the bound. In quelle sue parole vibra un’anima! She’ll come to vou Before the fall lihretto night. Sheetmusic for this opera. See that the candles all are lighted!

Si, me ne vo Contessa! Gerard’s father enters, carrying a flower-stand, and as the old man ic parts by the garden-way, Gerard gazes at him wistfully.


Andrea Chénier

They are driven out by the Countess, and the gayeties are resumed. Now, in the dim mysterious twilight Things take another shape, Ethereal, fantastic; Now unto weary spirits Nature yields her solace! Qnesti guardando com- mosso allontanarsi il padre ‘Son sessantanni, o vecchio, che tu ser- vi! Son sola e andfea The hostess is being surrounded by inquisitive guests eagerly question- ing her: Xndrea merry ound the gavotte!

Let us not speak of him!

Andrea Chenier (Work – Umberto Giordano/Luigi Illica) | Opera Online – The opera lovers web site

Your name’s on Fouquier-Tinville’s death-list! Ognora io vi seguivo, e strano assai, ognor pensavo a voi come a un fratello! Well, this evening, excuse me! E allora vi scriveva quanto il cuore o il cervello dettavami alia mente.

Your wound is better? La sfera che cammina per ogni umana sorte ecco gia mi avvicina all’ora della morte, e forse pria che I’ultima mia strofe sia finita, in’amninciere il carnefiice la fine della vita. Among those who are to die to-morrow, there is a young wo- man!

Mie faccio queste accuse e le rinnovo!