Anam Cara: Wisdom from the Celtic World [John O’Donohue] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Saint Patrick first came to Ireland in. In Anam Cara (Gaelic for “soul friend”), John O’Donohue invites you into the magical and unobtrusive world of your own divinity, to a place in the soul where. Anam Cara and the Essence of True Friendship: Poet and Philosopher John O’ Donohue on the Beautiful Ancient Celtic Notion of Soul-Friend.

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I began reading it in January, and have only just finished it last night, because each sentan Anam Cara: I bought this CD because I thought his voice would make this book more palatable.

Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

They are now in a place where there is no more shadow, darkness, loneliness, isolation, or pain. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that affected me like this one.

This small book by the Celtic priest John O’Donohue is a staple in my bookcase. For me, it blew open new pathways to examine my inner self. Initially, this can be disruptive and awkward, but it gradually refines your sensibility and transforms your way of being in the world. Review written May 9th, Mar 27, Gail rated it it was amazing.

In the Celtic tradition, there is dobohue beautiful understanding of love and friendship. At times like that I may be too impatient for this I love this book.

That summed up my reaction to the book. In his Conferences, John Cassian says this bond between friends is indissoluble: It’s always on the table, next to the sofa, for quick reference and solace.

I found this a very moving and beautiful book to read. I feel how hungry I am and This is one of the most beautiful books I own. John had a brilliant mind that was married to a wide open heart. Anam Cara is one of the best non-fiction books I have ever read.


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The Christian concept of God as Trinity is the most sublime articulation of otherness and intimacy, an eternal interflow of friendship.

John O’Donohue Quotes (Author of Anam Cara)

This is not a book one reads just to check off a list. The more love you give away, the more love you will have. May 23, Sharon rated it it was amazing. The darkness absolves everything; the struggle for identity and impression falls away. Somehow at a particular time, they came from the distance toward your life.

But many miles deep. Each thing creeps back into its own nature within the shelter of the dark. The eternal makes you urgent. Every line is a meditation.

Love alone is literate in the world of origin; it can decipher donohur and conohue. In this exquisitely crafted book, John O’Donohue explores the most basic of human desires – the desire to belong.

By focusing on the classical, medieval, and Celtic traditions of art, music, literature, nature and language, O’Donohue reveals how beauty’s invisible embrace invites us toward new heights of passion and creativity, even in these uncertain times of global conflict and crisis. When I got to the end I started all over again, fitting for the Celtic belief in life as a circle.

One concept I found interesting is his premise that the body is IN the soul–rather than the soul being in the body. See 2 questions about Anam Cara‚Ķ. Drawing on Celtic spiritual traditions to present a compilation of poetic blessings and insights, John O’Donohue offers comfort and encouragement for the milestones and transitions of johj.

May the nourishment of the earth be yours, may the clarity of light be yours, may the fluency of the ocean be yours, may the protection of the ancestors be yours. Thoughts on Celtic spirituality fara throughout these pages. There is so much wisdom and insight into life, love, friendship, living, death, and much more. In this masterful and revelatory book, O’Donohue encourages our greater intimacy with beauty and celebrates it for what it really is: Exploring such themes as the mystery of friendship, the spirituality of the senses, the brightness within solitude, work as the poetics of growth, aging as the art of inner harvesting, and death as eternal homecoming, this book will encircle your heart with Celtic benediction.


Consequently, love is anything but sentimental. I want to cwra it over donihue over again and glean every last morsel. Email required Address never made public. May you treasure your friends. I quickly bought another. It changed my seeing as I read and I felt like I was inside a poem, with such a donohhue awareness, and yet the language is overall simple, donobue, and even perhaps, empty.

Conamara Blues Translating the beauty and splendor of his native Conamara into a language exquisitely attuned to the wonder of everyday, John O’Donohue takes us on a moving journey through real and imagined worlds. Possibility is the secret heart of time.

It is difficult to rationally explain or review; I can only describe what it feels like when I read it. Nietzche said that one of the best days in his life was the day when he rebaptized all his negative qualities as his best qualities. When I first read it, I took It as being about kindred spirits and the spiritual nature of soul mate relationships.

It originally referred to someone to whom you confessed, revealing the hidden intimacies of your life. With a foreword by Krista Tippett. There are some thought provoking passages in the book, and O’Donohue does sometimes manage to convey beautiful ideas with beautiful language, but johj often I found his prose a bit awkward and sometimes incomprehensible. Apr 22, Stephen rated it liked it.