View and Download Akai S Series operator’s manual online. S Series Recording Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download Akai S manual online. S Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Last weekend I bought an incredibly cheap (15 Euros) Akai S sampler at a flea-market. Unfortunately it does not turn on, as it keeps.

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Sign In Sign Up. MIDI This page accessed with the buttonhas no parameters. Previous Article in this issue Alternative Instruments.

Akai Professional S Stereo Digital Sampler – Akai – Encyclotronic

While the sampler holds its initial OS software internally in ROM, on power-up it looks first on floppy and then on hard disk for an OS with a higher version number. Will be sent by insured courier. December 5, Reply. My guess is something being loaded from the S cd is changing a parameter on the FX card causing it to malfunction.

Akai S1000 / S1100

The S should automatically load the disk version of the operating system. December 4, Reply. Couldn’t be easier, could it?

Additionally, individual samples within a Keygroup can have their own cutoff offset. The four S source disks I tried presented no problems; the samples emerged not only unscathed from their journey into sound but positively radiant, with their loop points thankfully preserved. The speed with which the key is released can be used here to affect the release rate positive values maual that a fast release lengthens the release rate, and vice versa.

The stereo facility is ideal for sampling portions of prerecorded program material making it an ideal tool for “house”, “hip-hop” etc productionsas well as for sampling ambient acoustic sounds. Using successive splices you can link together any number of samples, and with a amnual of crafty manipulation even insert one sample into another.

If it’s stereo, do you want to look at the left or the right side of the stereo image when editing? Hard drive is bad, but the SCSI card on the S allows you to connect a device internally to the machine.

I have also loaded up samples from various floppies and the loaded and played fine. Page 38 Sampler functions Note- you delete a program from memory, make sure that you really do not Need that program in the future, or that you have saved it to disk first. Although Programs are numbered, the S actually identifies them by the name you give them.


Fortunately the S allows you to “park” the heads safely away from the disk area. Also featuring gear in this article. Loading from disk The S allows you to load samples, programs, programs together with their associated samples, drum manuao and operating systems from disk.

F5 ED2 – this allows you to tune a sample, place it on a different base key, and also gives access to the Timestretch software via F3. I have turned the unit on, the 1s000 is fine.

Sampling inputs are located on the front panel, where you have both balanced XLR and jack inputs.

However, when editing one of these sounds, the length and position inside this sample is also measured in samples. Display ist noch sehr gut und hell. Page 12 Introduction As the colours of the wires in the flex may not correspond to the colour markings in your plug, make sure that wires are connect in the following way.

According to the manual, the latter “invokes a superset of the SDS standard, with additional built-in commands which recognise certain special features of the S”. This means you can treat the same sample in akal variety of different ways. You can only call up an S Program if the incoming MIDI patch number has been assigned to a Program; if you send the sampler a MIDI patch number which hasn’t been assigned to an S Program, the sampler will remain silent on that channel.

The S provides two looping aids: One volume can be stored in memory or on each diskette, and up to volumes can be stored on a hard disk. Register a new account. Page 66 Sampler functions remain at the constant pitch of the edited sample, no matter what key is pressed, This can be useful if you want to add a constant pitch percussion sound to a pitched instrument, for instance.

I had to aka the sampler out of the house.

AKAI S MANUAL Pdf Download.

Akai’s bit S quickly established itself as the studio-standard sampler. Essentially this revolves around two infinite rotary knobs for parameter selection and value adjustment respectively, eight dedicated Mode buttons, and eight Function softkeys for calling up sub-pages or activating specific functions within each mode.

I just found similar tutorial how to put cf inside akai s at Mike Bass Page: Hold is a special case, in that voices for Programs wth this priority can only be stolen for new notes required by the same Program.


You probably wouldn’t want to change the bandwidth anyway, and you will probably want to use the threshold method to initiate sampling, so you can skip REC1 entirely if you wish. Sampler functions Note- you delete a program from memory, make sure that you really do not Need that program in the future, or that you have saved it to disk first.

Akai S1000 Manual

Memory may be added in 2Mbyte boards to a total of 8Mbytes to give over 90 seconds manuual total sample time. Sampler functions As well as the level being the same, the overall direction of the two curves as shown in the right side of the display should match ie both should be rising or both falling. Page 53 Sampler functions The next parameter allows you to alter the original pitch at which the sample was recorded, so that when you replay it on the keyboard, it will come out manial the correct pitch.

Set base pitch if necessary using connected MIDI keyboard, and set sampling time accordingly. Keygroups can overlap however you want them to, and you can specify a crossfade between Keygroups a1000 they overlap.

In this manual, this type of legend and the soft key pressed to access this function will be represented like this: A new generation of bit samplers is emerging to take the lead at the professional end of the market, and Akai’s new flagship sampler aims to be leader of the pack.

With a sample in memory there are basically three things you can do to it: Maanual can now play back your sample from a connected MIDI controller such as a synth on MIDI channel 1 or, in the absence of such a thing, you can press the PB button which will trigger aka sample. Following in the footsteps of their successful S sampler, Akai’s new baby looks likely to set new standards in sampling hardware.