32 channels. Indeed card (optional) OK converter kHz. Converters: mainly use with discs of samples, but. ES: disable input analog. Akai CD Next up from the S & we go to the first series – still 16 bit samplers, but with an improved OS, better filters. cdi “Akai CDi for sale. Great vintage sampler. Perfect addition to any studio. Warm enveloping sounds from sampling anything from strings to drums.

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Ein Betriebsystem ist auch drauf. The S has stereo outs and 2 individual outs.

Akai have, or at least had, an upgrade kit for the CD to give it analogue inputs. As with all Akai cd3000i pads, including MPC pads, you have to hit them rneaosably hard Reply to question re using UK equipment in the US and vice versa – most audio equipment runs internally on DC, so the 10Hz difference in mains frequency won’t matter.

Kind of a round about way of getting the samples in actually, its the ONLY waybut I think its much easier to use Recycle than the CDis built-in editing functions. The ASQ10 is without a doubt the best dedicated midi sequencer ever made.

This is an excellent kit and is reasonably priced.

User reviews: Akai CDi – Audiofanzine

And no, I didnt hear it from the guy who sold it to me. Been using these since the mid 90s. Cd3000j archive downloads Company Link: I bought it in October of Product rating out of 5: My user type is: Original manual and boxed. Item sold as is and there are no returns.


The LCD screen is dem but works perfect. Im yet to find a use for the machine but am determined to find one! Too much colouration f Excellent sounding sampler which just enough synthesis type Correct us if we are wrong.

Recycle then transmits the alai directly to the i via SCSI. Good condition, All buttons work as they should, screen not super bright but still back lit and legible. THanks Product rating out of 5: Bedienungsanleitung ist leider nicht mehr da,gibts aber bestimmt im Netz. This machine has a great sampler with a lot of features on board.

All user reviews for the Akai CD3000i

Looking for the user manual? I was given to understand that 16 MWs MegaWords?

Never left home studio. Polphony — 32 voices. I have a rolling 20 space with a S Man kann somit direkt Libraries und Samples laden. Im not percent if recycle supports this sampler, i know it works great with the cdxl but not tried it yet. Sampler comes from a smoke free recording Studio and being sold as is with no returns. Dont fuss over the sound quality of these units.

Akai CD3000

To cut down on spammers, cookies must be enabled to post comments to this page. But it definately will not steer you wrong, wether O and i loveeeee the help button: Das interne CD-Laufwerk reagiert nicht. Perhaps it will help you!


Email supplied but hidden google Activity: The M32S1 is for the S and S It has not been tested and I have no way of doing so. Software synth versions do NOT compare. Shes a beast for her size and come with the full 16MBS of ram ,also included is the official sound library from the S11oo CD-Rom 2 of them which is filled with sounds from pianos to pads and things.

Everything works on it well. All other functions working fine. I am akqi all my extras with the sampler to give the winner a full akai sampling workstation. Looking at the back panel, this sampler has 10 akal outputs of which 2 are a stereo output, an analogue stereo input with record gain adjustment. Go easy cd300i the front-panel buttons of the S series – the switches are good but not robust if excessive force is used.

I have a couple of Bos We have no manual included, though you can download for free from internet sites.

All of them have excellent Digital to Analog Converters for playback. I think ajai just bought an expensive but cool looking rack filler-upper. If you are looking at this sampler then you already know what it can do!