View and Download Panasonic AJ-HPM brochure & specs online. Memory Card Portable Recorder/Player. AJ-HPM Recording Equipment pdf manual. Panasonic AJ-HPM • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Aj-hpm • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic AJ-HPM User Manual.

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Panasonic AJ-HPM110 Brochure & Specs

V fade between events can be set only for audio. Its two methods are particularly effective for boosting compression efficiency. Attaching Metadata To Clips Selecting the most suitable predictive mode from among nine luminance signal modes see illustration and four color signal modes, it generates accurate predictive images. Formatting P2 Cards Playlists can be saved to a P2 card, an external hard disk drive, or an FTP server.

Insert and Overwrite editing mode: In addition, by using the playlist export function, you can export playlists along with their associated clips including overlapping portions.

With the editing panel closed, the AJ-HPM is the size of a large briefcase and comes equipped with a metal handle for easy carrying. By adding and recording metadata together with P2 content files, data can be efficiently managed, searched and edited.

With its I-Frame Only compression, AVC-Intra produces remarkably stable images that are unaffected by adjacent frames, and meets professional needs in virtually all situations and workflows.

Panasonic AJ-HPM110 Manuals

Now the P2 Mobile has evolved further, adding a host of new functions highlighted by network compatibility. Registering Events From Video During or after recording, you can mark each clip with OK, NG or other designation.


Don’t have an account? This lets you transfer files to the server of a broadcasting station. For presentations and demonstrations, use the AJ-HPM for repeated playback of a selected clip or multiple but same format clips. The versatility of the AJ-HPM responds to a wide range of cinema and cinema-like program production needs.

Panasonic AJ-HPM Manuals

It lets you set IN and OUT points on the player-side preview screen by controlling an external VTR connected via an RSA interface, and register or capture digitization and clip creation video footage directly majual the editing timeline. If the data reading speed decreases temporarily due to vibration or when using a low-speed hard disk, it is possible to output only audio for continuous playback.

Trimming The Audio Split Point Voice-over From Still Image Status Remote Operation Of External Devices The bookmark memory is reset when the power is turned off. Displaying Card ,anual Information When you press the Play key, playback resumes at the bookmarked position.

For editing, PCs must be installed with P2-compatible editing software available from various companies.

During Playback, if a new P2 card is inserted, it will aj-pm110 automatically recognized and played back without a break. Providing powerful support for P2HD recording, field editing, HD news flash broadcasting through file transfers, data backup and more, the AJ-HPM is a high-speed, high-image-quality solution to a wide range of broadcasting and video production needs.

Warning Information Display External Remote Control In AVC-Intra mode.


Pdf Download | Panasonic AJ-HPM User Manual (10 pages)

Video clips on web pages or linked video files cannot be played. They can then be converted directly into editing sequence timelines, for zj-hpm110 such as adding effects and others, by using a nonlinear editing system that supports the playlist export function.

The closed caption signal is not output on SDI during up-conversion, down-conversion or cross-conversion playback. In context-adaptive coding, on the other hand, operation varies with different kinds of images and high compression efficiency is maintained at all aj-hpm10. Countdown display During playback, the time remaining until the end of the clip is displayed by the CTL counter. Sample Image of the Intra Prediction Process. Because data is automatically recorded in blank mnaual spaces, there is no need for cueing and the risk of accidentally overwriting valuable data.

Thumbnail And Clip Management Shuttle Mode shtl Mode It is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, dust, impact and manial, and is free of the problems that are common in tapes, such as condensation, head clogging and dropouts.

With its rugged casing and magnesium die-cast frame, the AJ-HPM is tough enough for go-anywhere field production. Preventing Accidental Deletion It avoids rendering edit copy and allows a quick correction.

Changing Thumbnail Display