– Buy Los exploradores de Hitler: Ss-ahnenerbe (Unknown History) book online at best prices in India on Read Los exploradores de. The Oera Linda Book is a manuscript written in a form of Old Frisian, purporting to cover was the immediate impulse for the foundation of the Ahnenerbe Nazi “think tank” by Himmler and Wirth, together with Richard Walther DarrĂ©. Hitler: Hitler’s ANTARCTICA UFOs, the Ahnenerbe Society, the Piri Reis Map, HAARP and other Mysteries (Hitler in Antarctica mysteries, ufo Book 1) (English.

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Lo que nos cuenta. Interesting and easy to read.

It is a fascinating and chilling look into how some scientists and academics, by no means were all of these people kooks-some were brilliant in their fields, worked closely with the Nazi government.

This is a fascinating story about a horrible misuse of science in the 20th century, a story ahnenerb how the very clever can also be very dumb. The story of Ahrenerbe is a excellent story of how anthropologists, archeologists and other reseachers definitely became running dogs for evil.

In the late 19th century Friedrich Schlegel, a German philologist, hooked onto this shnenerbe and argued that if there was a common language there must be a common race, a seminal race that he called Aryan. Indeed, this kibro the Ahnenerbe as it attempted to define Jewishness and found exceptions to each taxonomy, exceptions so serious that it affected the morale of the SS killing squads. His lubro beliefs in the Jews as a “mongrel race” and his “amnesia” regarding the Ahnenerbe work at Natzweiler Concentration Camp, not to mention his bizarre collection of “historical artifacts”, is downright Kafkaesque.

These tribunals handed down one of five categories of complicity- from “exonerated” and “fellow traveller”, to “lesser activist,” “activist,” and “major offender”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Jensma concludes llibro article by saying “It is a perfect irony that a book written to unmask the Holy Bible as a book of human making was to become a bible itself. Over the next few years there was a heated public controversy, but by it was universally accepted that the text was a recent composition.

Jun 16, Monty Loftus rated it liked it.

Oera Linda Book – Wikipedia

But then, when I read translated memoranda which happily say that, with Operation Barbarossa, Nazi phrenologists will be at last able to overcome the shortage of Jewish skulls that bedevilled them, and how some researchers hoped to use human sacrifice to tap ancient mystic energies for great weapons like Thor’s lightning bolts, I stopped disbelieving.

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Propaganda was constantly broadcast to the adults and libr news published consisted of lies or half-truths.

It is disheartening to see how people can eat up lies and half-truths without thinking, allowing a political system in which only one group is considered aahnenerbe. Historian Goffe Aynenerbe published a monograph on the manuscript inDe gemaskerde god The Masked Godincluding a new translation and a discussion of the history of its reception. Himmler was convinced, as well as alot of other crackpot German nationalists that civilization started not in the Middle East, but in Northern Europe since the “Aryans” were the superior, master race.

The Master Plan: Himmler’s Scholars and the Holocaust

If you are interested in World War II-then you will like this. She summarizes this nicely, After scrutinizing the personal files of these men and poring over the details of their life stories, after contemplating their academic work and talking to their families and friends, I still do not understand why they did what they did, why they willingly contributed to such evil.

It astonishes me that more hasn’t been generally known of the Ahnenerbe. German publishers continue to publish pseudo-science books on ancient symbol research and some kooky German filmakers have floated the idea of a primeval high civilization in Northern Europe.

In Wirth had published a book on racial theory and an eminent scholar panned it, couching his criticism in words that softened the blow but not the message, Only the view that the author has been taken by an almost holy insanity, and the fact that he inspected a considerable mass of literature with unusual eagerness and diligence to support his delusions, which he considers science, restrain me from responding to this book.

Nevertheless, a public controversy was revived in the context of s Nazi occultismand the book is still occasionally brought up in esotericism and Atlantis literature. Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize For space he looked to the Crimea, where Nazi forces were fighting Soviet forces for control of the Black sea and the fertile fields.

The book studies the various programs run by the Ahnenerbe from the expeditions sent out to Tibet, to racial studies carried out in Concentration camps on “Jewishness”, to searching for clues on the original Aryans and using that history to support the Nazi racial theories.


It made me wonder what it must have been like to be a German high school student in and discover, practically overnight, that nearly everything I’d ever been taught, about history and science, was little more than fantasy. But how was Wirth regarded by scholars? The Master Plan serves not only as an insightful view into the German academic world during the Third Reich, but also as a strong warning as to what can happen when propaganda and false science combine.

Published February 13th by Hachette Books first published October 1st Eye-opening, exceptionally well researched and documented. This would kill three birds with one stone: The claim is also made that this Frisian civilization possessed an alphabet that was the ancestor of the Greek and Phoenician alphabets.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. An article in late by Jensma [10] says that the three authors of the translation intended it “to be a temporary hoax to fool some nationalist Frisians and orthodox Christians and as an experiential exemplary exercise in reading the Holy Bible in a non-fundamentalist, symbolical way.

If this continued, advances in civilization would come to a halt. But no matter, they must be killed! Often there’s even a direct link between the s and our time, as in Graham Hancock’s writings. InHeinrich Himmler–chief of the SS and architect of the death camps–founded the Ahnenerbe, a research institute that manufactured archaeological evidence to support the notion of Aryan superiority. Among other things, it turns out that the Nazis were criminally stupid and credulous besides being prototypical pulp science-fiction villains.

Herman Wirth, who helped Himmler create the Ahnenerbe, was arrested by the Americans. Da li bi uspeli? Schlegel believed that modern Germans were descended from Aryans and were, therefore, an exceptional race. The proper form of a test is a search for evidence that refutes the hypothesis. In The Other Atlantis he reproduced the full text of Sandbach’s English translation, interspersed with his own commentaries on history and mythology.

My only complaint was that the size of the print was uncomfortably small, but the actual content was very good.