Experiment: MELDE’S EXPERIMENT. Object: To determine frequency of A.C. mains using Sonometer. Apparatus: • A sonometer with a steel. Theory Let the alternating current have frequency v so that the frequency of All precautions of sonometer experiment should be observed. EXPERIMENT. AIM. To determine the frequency of alternating current using a sonometer and an electromagnet. APPARATUS AND MATERIAL REQUIRED.

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For a string of constant length and under a constant tension, the frequency of vibration is inversely proportional to the square root of its mass per unit length.

A sonometer is used to determine the frequency of alternating current. Change the position of the magnet using the slider. At this stage, the paper rider placed on the wire is thrown off, which shows the condition of resonance.

Why does the string of the sonometer vibrate? The length of the wire between the two bridges is measured. Expwriment does the wire begin to vibrate in this case? Define wavelength for a stationary wave. The opposite poles of the magnet must face each other. Howls frequency of magnetisation of the electromagnet related with frequency of the alternating current which magnetises it?


What is the function of holes in the sonometer box? Why is the instrument called a sonometer?

Frequency Of AC Mains Using Sonometer

It is found that in an alternating current, the tendency of the moving electrons is to drift towards the surface of the conductor while moving along its axis. What is an A.

Experient the vibrating tuning fork is placed on it, it is set into forced vibrations. Which material is used to make sonometer wire? Precautions Same as in Experiment Unit of frequency of A. What is frequency of alternating current supplied to us in our houses? What do you mean by one cycle of A.

AC Sonometer (Theory) : Class 12 : Physics : Amrita Online Lab

Since the current flowing is alternating, the wire vibrates with a frequency equal to the frequency of A. On the wooden rectangular box there are two bridges and a pulley at one end.

What is an electromagnet? The law of mass may be put into two additional laws, for strings of circular cross-section, as given below.

Select the material of the wire from the drop down list. What is the unit of frequency of A. The distance between the centres of two successive crests or troughs is called the wavelength of a stationary wave. When the vibrating sxperiment fork is kept on the board of the sonometer, the forced vibrations of the board communicate energy to experiiment string which in turn is set into forced vibrations.


This tendency increases with the frequency of A. Due to time lag, the body polarity remains opposite to that of the main line.

Xc knowing the linear density, m, of the wire, the frequency of A. Give demerits disadvantages of A. What are stationary waves? Change the position of bridge B using the slider.

The person touching the line is attracted. To determine the frequency of alternating current using a sonometer.

Select the diameter of the wire using the slider. This is called the resonating length l.