3GPP TS 23.401 PDF

Descriptor and Table of Contents (1 of 40) for 3GPP TS – General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enhancements for Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enhancements for Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN) access (Release. The APN-Restriction value is defined in clause of 3GPP TS . The standard (refer to 3GPP TS ) has identified four behaviors that are.

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3GPP TS (40 of 40) – GPRS enhancements for E-UTRAN access

Multi-antenna system directed feedback methods, systems and equipment. For orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication intertwined Ways.

DL data are sent to the UE. Cell-constrained network terminal measurement method and equipment. An evolution of network data based on the X2 switch forward method. The method comprising the steps of:.

3GPP TS (1 of 40) – GPRS enhancements for E-UTRAN access

Broadcasting business channel with non-broadcasting services for channel multiplexing method. Optionally, the node also comprises a user interface The framework table may further comprise an allocation and retention priority entry. A process of evolution of the network switch to release the source of network resources and systems. Semi-static scheduling of the response packet of information feedback, receiving method and device. Furthermore, a system according to the present invention for use in a wireless communication network is provided.

This is provided in a number of aspects in which a first is a method for handling paging of user equipment communicating wirelessly with a telecommunications network.

A redundancy version and the wireless frame number, and bind its sub-frame method and device. SGW Service Areas may overlap each other. The method is executed in a mobility management entity MME and first the MME receives from a serving gateway a downlink data notification comprising information about at least one bearer identification. Send and receive scheduling information of the user data methods, devices and systems. A computer program product comprising a computer readable storage medium and a computer program stored in the computer readable storage medium, the computer program comprising instructions for: Gateway handling nodes are also provided, e.

Paging method, core network apparatus, radio access network apparatus and gateway apparatus. Channel Quality implementation instructions and information to send, end-user terminals and base stations. Back to back to set up voice calls CS domain methods, systems and related methods and equipment. Detect wireless link fails, the failure of wireless links to reduce the loss of Ways and equipment.

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Packet restoration method, packet restoration system, and mobile terminal and intermediate device used in the method. The SGW will go on executing the dedicated bearer activation or dedicated bearer modification procedure, i.

The repetition strategy is operator dependent. Method and a gateway node for reducing paging traffic in a wireless communication system. Table 3 below specifies the presence of the IEs in the message. An evolution of network signaling when switching NAS approach, devices and systems. A measurement control method, the user terminals, network equipment and system side. An infrastructure network connects infrastructure entities with each other for handling control and data traffic to and from user equipment UE.

The processor may be arranged to execute instruction sets stored in the memory and using the communication interface for determining that a downlink data notification message is to be sent to a mobility management node, providing an identification extension information element in the downlink data notification message, and sending the downlink data notification message to the mobility management node.

Control method and device based on multiple priorities in wireless communication system. An uplink control channel transmission method of the code and installation. There are a number of problems with existing solutions, such as it is not possible to initiate different paging procedures for one specific UE or that there will be increased processing load in the MME since the MME has to page rather large areas to be able to secure that the UE is reached.

Carry synchronization information and frame coding method of timing synchronization. Load delete methods, communications systems and related equipment. A user equipment for emergency access methods, devices and systems.

Zero correlation zone to determine the length of the collection methods, devices and mobile communication systems. The step is described in detail in TS Distinction between community status within the sub-frame methods, devices and systems.

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The method according to claim 1wherein the framework table further comprise an allocation and retention priority entry.


The paging areas may comprise at least one of eNodeB, tracking area, part of tracking area list, and tracking area list and wherein the downlink data notification may indicate that a user equipment state is to be changed from idle mode to connected mode.

The 23.4401 gateway node according to claim 11wherein the downlink data notification message is sent on an S4 interface between the serving gateway node and a serving GPRS support node. Method and device for processing failures of mobility management device in idle mode signaling reduction activated scene.

This message is provided as part of the paging process and is transmitted in the network as a signal.

A heterogeneous network to switch the location of the district to obtain information of methods, devices and systems. Mobile communication systems data rearrangement method and device. This is solved by introducing an information element IE with proprietary configuration or to add an extension to the existing IE related to downlink data notification.

The system may comprise an access gateway node handling wireless communication with a user equipment, a mobility management node as described above in communication with the access gateway node; and a serving gateway node as described above in communication with the mobility management node.

This is provided in a method, 3gppp, and a system arranged to determine a suitable paging message related to a framework table indicating selection criteria entries for access point name, quality of service class indicator, IMSI gs, and IMEI number and determining from the framework table a paging granularity set to be used in the paging request from a granularity table comprising entries for paging areas, number of paging retries, and time between retransmissions.

Control signaling transmission method, network equipment and terminal side. Implementation of user equipment mobility management method and system.

Solution 1 is to use an already present information element IE Private Extension.