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It might not have a proper connection. No need to make a special programmer.

28C datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

In other words bypassing your bit mod’s allows you to isolate certain parts of the problem — which of course is a fundamental troubleshooting technique. But the regular dip socket will be fine for me as i have a ic puller. I don’t use a programmer, I just use the on my KIM-1 and program it in place.

You can use shift registers for the address lines and a universal shift register for the data lines. I’d think it would be a big deal to even used a C64 or less without too much effort. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel for something that I’m sure has been done before. Gonna solder 2 more boards, one with hot air soldering and one with my reflow oven.


I also got it looking close to what unaclocker had. You need a LOT of pins to control the 15 address pins, 8 data pins and the various control pins.

View 28c512-513 datasheet:

Rpress has created the circuit to program the 27xXxX chips. Haven’t soldered anything yet but will this weekend. I’m so sorry to post about something obvious. Previous topic Next topic. In any case, if Datassheet understand right you are using an arduino. Someone recently tried hooking up a static RAM chip to an Arduino with some shift registers. Did you check capacitor polarity?

So even though it says it wrote the data, it shows as nothing has changed. Sat Jul 15, 2: Sat Jul 15, 6: Fri Jul 14, 4: Can any one steer me to the right direction. These chips were really intended to be programmed in place. Thu Jul 13, Page 15 of Just wanted to say thanks to rpress and marc to helping with the schematic on this programmer. The programming isn’t too complicated. It has worked before on their boards.


You can only flip bits one way by writing, unlike the 28C parts. Schematic is on page 8 and fourth post down. Sat Jul 15, 9: Polarity on the capacitors are correct. It is failing because it won’t erase. I am using this programmer just to program the 27sf chips.

28C512 Datasheet PDF

I use a 28C64 on my to adapter. Thu May 04, 9: It does need you to erase them before programming. However, after doing several searches, including reading several posts about interfacing with eproms, I have yet to find a solution. Do you know of a project that has already accomplished this feat? Fri Jul 14, Thank you for your quick reply John.

Will report back when soldered and tested. I think the jest of my post was lost. Ok, I will keep that in mind when I post up the boards after soldering the components. Dwight I’ve message rpress about the reading issue. Here are some pictures in the mean time: